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Here is a sample of dreams
we have received from students of Rama.

Michael - Fireworks & Olive Oil
PJB - My Short Rama Dream

FreeSpirit - I Had a Dream of Rama!

Michael - Remember to Thank Eternity
Roger - Rama Dreaming in Amsterdam

Liz - One More Time
Liz - Donut Theft
Michael - Solemn, Stately & Silent
Michael - Super Sharp . . .Sensational!
Bryan - Dreaming Employment
C.S. - Half red, Half blue
Deborah -
High Expectations
Deborah - How are you living your life?
Deborah - Rama saved my life, literally!
Evelyne - The Journey
Flowergirl - A Fabulous Party
Flowergirl - Teaching in Dreams
G.V. - Perfect Nothingness
J.M. - My Dreams
Julie - Rama Dreams
Julie - Career Advice
L.S. - Thunderbird
Michael C. - What is a Dream Quest?
Michael C. - Autobiography of a Dreamer
Michael C. - Dreaming for a Lost Friend
Michael C. - Dreaming and Beyond
Michael C. - The Master's Garden
Peter - Bookkeeping
Peter - RamaLila
Ramadrama - Equinox Dream
Ramadrama -
Doorway to the Infinite
Ramadrama - Another Thunderbird
Ramadrama - Dreamland Teachings
Ramadrama -
from my archive
Ramadrama -
Classroom of Dreams
Roger - A Dream with Rama
Shaun - Shopping for Enlightenment






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