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I was working and it was afternoon. I work as a temp for a firm with a lot of files. There was a heavy dark wood wooden table at least six feet across and 10 feet long with a quarter inch piece of glass that sits atop it. Actually two pieces, but you can't believe how transparent the seam is.

I had a simple task that day which I was looking forward to whittling away at this afternoon, as the sun changed the light in this room through windows high up which, while the light was not visible through them, provided ample light changes from morning to afternoon to twilight (in the winter).

Only one drawer. I would be done before the shadows changed to afternoon. I had coffee and bagel while started sorting the drawer. From A to Z and back again to make certain that I hadn't lost my wits.

Done. And then the inspector -- Rama! A glance, a quick review. there is more work and sorting to be done. A-M N-Z, at least two more drawers. I spread the files on the giant table and sort them out. This here. This there. Wait a minute. This there. And there. Okay.

He arrives and is pleasant enough, but we both know why his is here. A-G H-P Q-Z, Three drawers.

The sun, did I forget the sun? The whole time I am sorting file "A" from "Z", the sun is playing this light show across the table ("cherry wood") and the files ("manilla by white linen" excepting the occasional paper cut) I sort.

The afternoon long past, I am psyched that I have a total sense of all of the files - all eleven drawers worth. The man arrives. Looking over the series of files that in certain instances require trips to the copy & coffee machine, he says I am finished. Except for a few minor details.

I wake and realize that I only have 90 minutes to sleep. I return to my slumber knowing that I am nearly complete with my task.

When Rama returns with the sun long set, he reviews my work. He is pleased and I am delighted at how much better the files are, now.

I awake from the dream in time for my morning meditation! Thank you, Rama!



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