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So many pathways, so little time!

I think each of us who studied with Rama has our own pathway, and particular gifts that dictates our personal apprenticeship. When I sat with Rama, especially in the beginning I could see. The show was out of this world, literally! But I am really not a very good seer. My personal lifelong gift is dreaming.

A friend who has almost no interest or knowledge about life with Rama asked me about dreaming. I told her she showed up in a lot of Rama dreams. She asked my why? My response may help you understand dreaming.

"I think you needed to access something and you knew that dreaming with Rama was the best place to go. Dreaming is a very powerful medium for learning. I think it is one of the most efficient classrooms. It is fast and fun, usually. The senses and conscious mind can't interfere with the dream teachings. Rama can transfer blocks of awareness to students. I personally wake up filled with incredible energy after such a transfer, it is a signpost of a real Rama dream. Those blocks of awareness are brought back to what we call our waking state. We can access the awareness as we need to during our waking or dreaming states. I like the dream plane, and often have vivid, detailed memories of my dreams. Over the years I have kept a dream journal of Rama dreams, or very intense lucid dreams. Does that help?"

I hope this helps anyone who might be looking for another forum for "sitting" with Rama. He would obviously transmit the lines and blocks or awareness during meditations--still does. Thought I would write this for all you seers, stalkers, and monks who might want to explore the dream world. Of course, if I could "will" Rama dreams--each night would be a continuous play. I haven't been able to do that, perhaps that is not proper etiquette, I don't know. Since Rama's passing I have had a wonderful gift of dreams. Best of luck as you become enlightened, and sweet, sweet dreams!



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