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On the advice of Rama, I took computer programming classes even though I had no initial interest and less than a year later I became an employee for Oracle Corporation. (Which is a whole other story!) I was checking into a hotel in Columbus, Mississippi on the eve of my first visit to a client site as an Oracle consultant. The next day I would arrive at a manufacturing plant for the first time in my life and try to pass myself off as an "expert" in a subject I could barely spell to people twice my age for $200 per hour. I was quite nervous to say the least. So many thoughts flooded my mind, but I couldn't stop obsessing about what I was going to wear! In the interest of being a true warrior I understood the importance of being polished. I was sure I brought inappropriate clothes. There was nothing I could do but try to empty my thoughts and get some sleep.

I did finally doze off, but my sleep state was just as troubled as my waking state. I was still concerned about how I would appear the next day. Out of nowhere Rama arrived. He walked right past me and just shot me a smirk as he went by. I was startled to notice he was wearing a full body, tight fitting leopard skin suit! Right then and there I realized how silly the whole situation truly was. I thanked Rama for his insight and timely humor and tried to get a few more hours of sleep.

Another dream occurred about the time Rama died although I hadn't yet heard the news...

I was a student or employee of Rama's and I was trying to complete an overwhelming task he had presented me with. I went to ask him a question about the assignment and he responded very uncharacteristically. He seemed annoyed and tired; he didn't want to answer me. It was the first dream I had ever had with him that ended on such a low note. My usual encounters were always positive and fun. I woke up puzzled. The next day I got the news that he had died. As I learned about the circumstances of his death I understood the dream.

Namaste, Rama.






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