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A Dream with Rama

I was standing in a white room with some other students of Rama. The room was filled with a misty golden energy that looked like clouds. Rama came in smiling and said, "I'm going to get you all ready for the new millennium."

We all lined up in front of Rama, and one by one, we would walk up to him. We would face him and stand against the wall. Rama said that some of our auras were not balanced properly, so we he was going to perform an aura alignment on us. Basically, we would walk in front of him, and he would run his hands up and down the sides of our bodies, leaving our auras perfectly balanced.

After we were done, someone presented a book about stories of Rama to him. Rama started looking throughout the book, and when he came to a certain story he paused and started making surprised gestures. He said, "The best story is on page 128. This is great!"

After that, someone gave us some wine glasses, and Rama poured sparkling wine in them. Rama made a toast to us, and everything disappeared into the clear light of reality. After the dream, I woke up smiling in a very high state of mind...




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