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Doorway to the Infinite

I had ONE of those days. "Nothing went right from morning till night, didja ever have one of them days?" (sorry kids, an old Elvis song!!)

So I was feeling really sorry for my selves, and slipped into a raw space of sadness and self pity. Doubt and confusion were pushing in. That night I didn't sleep much. In fact, when I finally got to sleep dawn was almost breaking. And there, in this raw space, I had a dream.

It was a New Year's Party (may have been Chinese New Year tho, cuz the dream fell on that day). I was with my husband in a small room with a few people. It was just 5 minutes before the New Year, and he wanted to leave and go outside where the action was. I followed him down the long steep drive way to the "happening" spot. There were lots of people at the bottom of the hill. There was a meandering swimming pool, that twisted and turned--a canal style pool, like the pool at Shipwreck Beach on Kauai. Everyone was skinny-dipping in the water. I stood and watched the party. Then the scene changed to a patio outside of Rama's house.

Rama saw me, approached me and said something that made me laugh. Rama walked through a doorway into his house, and I followed him. He gave me two items, in thanks for something I had done. (No, I can't remember what the gifts were.) The rest of the evening I opened the doorway, and let people into the room where they met with Rama. I opened the doorway for several students, and while they came through the doorway and met with Rama I stayed in the background and cared for the dog. Naw, it wasn't Vayu. It was a medium-sized sleek-haired dog, kind of like a boxer or pit-bull.

Looking back now, on this dream, I am aware of Rama's gratitude and humor. I am also a great fan of doorways, especially when they open a space to Rama!!




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