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September 29, 1999

I had very much wanted to see Rama in The Dream Plane since his passing and, quite unexpectedly one early morning, I was able to do so, courtesy of visual stimulation received from a Dragon Design displayed in RamaLila.

Rama walked across in front of me, coming from my right. He was in an elaborate oversized robe with large sleeves, and he walked in a slow-paced, stately manner. He essentially looked the same, but somewhat broader in the face and with an oversized amount of curly, graying hair, which was "balanced out" by the oversized robe and sleeves. He did not say anything. He was not smiling; he had a neutral, solemn expression on his face.

Before he passed in front of me, he tossed me one of his cassette tapes, with the aforementioned Dragon Design on it. I tried to catch it with my right hand, but missed. The tape then fell to the ground of wherever we were.

Even though, after awakening, I felt that since I had so obviously "missed" catching his tape (and therefore was still "missing" the full integration of his teachings/suggestions into my life), the fact that I had FINALLY been able to "see" him, (despite his emotionless manner) made me feel very, very happy.

Thanks, RamaLila, for being my "springboard" into this particular Dream Plane experience!





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