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I Had a Dream . . .

of Rama!!!

It was so unexpected, and the dream itself so simple and weird. It was current day.

I somehow received a message that Rama was working at a large department store nearby. I was also told he was specifically using the name Frederick Lenz - and NOT to ask for Rama.

So, naturally, I got down there as soon as possible.

Child-of-freespirit and I went to a cashier and asked if we could please see Frederick Lenz. They were very courteous, and put through a call for him.

A few minutes later there he was, smiling and greeting me like a good old friend. Very warm and content was the feeling I immediately got from him. He was dressed casually with an open neck shirt and pants, and had his hair cut quite short - though you could still see the curls in his beautiful blond hair. He looked wonderful, healthy and comfortable.

I don't remember him speaking, however I do know that we conversed in one way or another. He told me that he was managing the marketing department of the store (or chain ?), and that he was very happy with that role. He was enjoying this creative marketing career. Seemed he had found something he could relax into.

I woke up with a very warm, content feeling, and was very happy for him. I felt it was a message for me that he is happy now, and that all is fine. That he has newfound freedom.




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