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Dreaming for a Lost Friend


I recently heard of the death of Dr. Fredrick Lenz "Rama". I was wondering if I could locate him through the Art of Dreaming?

I had noticed a change in my Dreaming ability the first weeks after Rama's Death. Part of the change was brought about by a Wake-up to the fact that I outlived Rama, and was less worthy of the life I created for myself than his. Rama had continued his path and I had tried to forget what I accomplished. I chose to focus on my work life and raising my son. Later I got married and my life continues to be focused on the logical course we all know. This magical world of Dreaming was my occasional escape, a form of entertainment. Rama's death has forced me to re-evaluate my priorities. I decided to continue my efforts at Dreaming. Castaneda's Warrior Path was always at the core of my thoughts.

The major new thing that I noticed in Dreaming, was that an Ally who had haunted me for years was no longer a problem. This Ally would always show up in the form of a Tidal Wave. The longer I stared at it, the larger it would swell. Eventually the white caps would start breaking. I was usually running away at this point. If the wave overtook me, it would sweep me from the Dream I was in and into another Dream. In the last couple of years of Dreaming, I've been able to limit the damage it does during Dreaming by blocking all thought of the Ally out. Though I know it's there, I can usually limit the wave to what you would see if you were walking away from the ocean: and the waves were gently washing up the inclined beach and diminishing into nothing.

Shortly after Rama's death, I overcame this Ally. It is now a tool and not a shield against Dreaming. I'd like to think that this Ally was a gift from Rama. Once in 1985 Rama gave me an Ally. A weak one mind you, but at that time I was looking for all the Allies I could get.

I heard about Rama's death through articles a friend faxed me. I decided to get hooked up to the Internet to obtain more information about his death. I went to Rama's splendid web site ( one evening and checked out the entire site. That Night I thought I should try to visit him if possible, and see how it is to be dead and if he had any advice for me.

The first evening I tried, I could only find other Dreamers. I believe they were other students of Rama's. Our common search brought us all together in one Dream world. There were 25 to 30 Dreamers present. All had various degrees of control in Dreaming. The more awake you are within the Dream, the greater the control of that Dream. I questioned them about the whereabouts of Rama. No one knew. I also questioned them in regards to myself (or should I say my Dreaming self). They appeared to know my past and acknowledged the names of my past life Dreamers. These Dreamers along with myself are a composite of the overall Dreamer. I continued to visit this group during the next two weeks. From my point of view, these Dreaming visits were fun. But I'm afraid it wasn't always that way for the student Dreamers.

On one occasion I was floating on a quiet bay of water while two Dreamers were dressing in diving gear. I was sitting on the small four man boat. One of the Dreamers was waiting with me in the boat trying to persuade me to go in. The other Dreamer was going up and down below the water trying to get his equipment set. At this moment I realized that I was Dreaming. These Dreamers wanted me to go below and see this world below the bay. My thoughts were "I'm not equipped Right" (though this doesn't really matter during Dreaming). Instead of going into their Dream of diving, I chose for them to join my Dream. I said "Looks like the sea's are getting rough". They turned around to look behind them and saw the tidal wave starting to rise. Both Dreamers entered the boat and we rowed to shore quickly. We walked to the shore from the shallows and the wave diminished. These two were not entirely happy about what happened. I, on the other hand was just testing my new Ally. It still takes a lot of effort to control.

On another occasion, I was visiting the student Dreamer's of Rama in some astral desert house. There were again about 30 students. Some were gathered outside of the house. For some stupid reason I summoned this tidal wave Ally to show up. The ones who weren't swept away into another Dream, were actually pissed-off at me. I had to leave. Sometimes our Dream personality is quite different from our normal waking personality. Additional times with these Dreamers resulted in the same outcome. I'd better look elsewhere for Rama.

In the next month I practiced controlling this Ally during Dreams. I've been able to maintain it as a frozen title wave after being summoned. Instead of it moving like a title wave as we know it. It starts to swell and freeze's in place. It can than continue to move, upon action of the Dreamer if necessary. I freeze it because it still scares me. Too many years of defeats with this Ally.

So far no success in finding Rama since his death. I remembered that in 1987 I went to find Rama in order to break the hold the "Trio of Dreamer's" was exerting on me. I found him in a futuristic high-rise on some alien Dream planet. I thought he may still be there. Rama was at the top of the tower!?

The next morning I was excited. I had met Rama again and was full of energy. Something was wrong though. Rama had a particular sense of humor which I wasn't totally familiar with. But I was aware of the sense of humor of fellow Dreaming companion Todd R. As I looked back on this Dreaming experience, I realized that it was Todd disguised as Rama who I met. I'll relate the experience to you anyway. Rama (?) and I were on the top floor of this Astral high-rise. He was centered in the room and I was located at one of the quadrants. I asked him to help me See and gain my Enlightenment. He started throwing empty luggage at me. I deflected most of the projectiles with my Dream arms. He would ask "Are you enlightened yet ? ". My response was no, and the throwing of the luggage continued. At some point I told him "I was…" and the throwing had stopped. We hugged and went our separate ways.

I chose not to continue searching for Rama. I did however remember a time when Rama helped me find a person I had admired and who had died recently, John Lennon. It was in early 1981 just after his death, that Rama, The Trio of Dreamers and myself went to visit him on three occasions. John was being guarded by these fire spirits and getting close to him would of been impossible without the help of Rama. These fire spirits and angels were protecting John and trying to help him regain his awareness. It appears that if a person dies without gaining enlightenment, they are unaware that they have died and who they are. The Dream self (which includes our normal awareness) appears to be the conscience we maintain after death. Even if enlightenment was not gained during the current lifetime, a Dreamer retains some element of control in the afterlife. That Dreamers travels are limited to the worlds they have conquered.

I chose not to find Rama in the afterlife via Dreaming. I know he's doing fine. Besides, he has the company of another great Atlantian Dreamer "Carlos Castanada". Carlos passed on within two weeks of Rama's death. Rama and Carlos knew each other through many lifetimes and were both Master Dreamers. They are now continuing their journey together in the other worlds.

I will continue my Dreaming and try to accomplish my long term goal of Seeing. Thank you Rama and Carlos for your help along the Warrior's path, and apologies to the other Dreamers for getting you all wet.

Michael C.




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