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My dream is to perfect all my imperfections as well as I can and to find all the ways in the world to make my existence on this planet as great as I
can. I expect that after I have perfected myself to a certain level, I will have true virtue and I will continue to perfect my faults until my death.

Eventually, I'd like to pass on my knowledge of life to many other people. I prefer to teach children because as a great man once said to me it's better not to develope habits in the beginning since they are harder to change later. Although, I would like to share my knowledge of life with everyone, so of course I would be willing to teach people other than children. My actual dream (reallly it's a daydream) is to teach about four or five children as my students in a place secluded from the chaos and misery of the normal day enviornment. I would teach them the ways to deal with this chaos and misery, and how to change it, and also my life's findings. Then when I had passed on they would spread the words I've told them and show them with a power like Jesus.

I dream only to make a difference in this everyday existence. To make life easier and more enjoyable, and to control the emotions that run our lives.




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