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Dreaming All-Where and All-Ways

I was running down a sidewalk in a city. It was dusk, and a blanket of gray cloaked the city. I had to get to Rama before he was confronted by the man with the gun. I knew that Rama's life was in danger.

I ran down the eerie deserted streets, straining to quicken the slow motion movements of dreamland. I was completely alone, but I knew that somewhere in the grayness a man was stalking Rama. The sidewalks were lined with brownstone buildings that had five or six steps leading up to their respective doorways.

I darted up the steps to my right and met Rama in front of a doorway. I looked into his eyes, and I was met by silence. Gone was thought, including the urgent message about the stalker.

I smiled shyly, as I looked into the eyes that created the silence and said, "Hi Rama."

"Hi, there." His smiling reply was like a soft blast of welcome.
We sat down on the top step together and looked out into the lifeless street. There was no movement or sound. The quiet of the gray night was uncanny.

"Rama, I would like to study with you. I don't think I can be a full time student though. I am teaching part-time, and raising a family full time. The balance is important." I asked him this question as we sat on the steps of the silent city.

Rama turned and looked into my eyes. His gaze brought me an exquisite feeling of peace, love, and pure bliss.

He said, "I don't think I can help you as a part time student."

We stood and walked down the dead streets. We were alone. Rama stopped and said he would like to do something for me. He reached over and very softly touched the back of my neck. My neck was cradled by his thumb and fingers. As he touched me I found myself sinking down to my knees. A sensation of pure love coursed through my body.
I was surprised when my knees touched the ground. I was not greeted by a cement sidewalk. Instead I was kneeling on soft earth.

Rama gently moved my head towards the sky and said, "Look!"

I looked into the heavens and became part of the magic of the night.

"I just saw a star move in a semi-circle and disappear." I reported.

His smile broadened as he turned towards me. His laughter lilted through the night air. As he laughed I felt a jolt of energy enter my heart.

He said, "Maybe there is hope for you." We walked slowly down the street of the night. Rama reached over and playfully tapped the tip of my nose with his first finger.

I wakened in the night to the sensation of energy charging through my body. A few days later I shared this dream with a friend, who was one of Rama's students. She asked me when I had the dream. It turned out that she had been with Rama in the desert on the very night I had the dream. She said he had invited a young man into the center of the circle, and placed his hand on the young man's neck. The young man sank to his knees, and onto the sandy desert floor. Several hundred students were asked to watch the stars. They reported seeing a star move in a semi-circle and disappear. Soon thereafter I was accepted as a part time student.



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