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Dreaming and Beyond


"Dreaming and Beyond"

The ultimate goal in Dreaming, is to gain Enlightenment while in a state of Dreaming. And retain that state of awareness upon waking up the following morning. Can Enlightenment be achieved solely from Dreaming ? Anything is possible. However, by working on other aspects such as Seeing and Remembering; Dreaming your way to Enlightenment will be much easier.

Dreaming puts us in touch with the Total Self. The Total Self is ourselves when we are Enlightened. This is a person who can Remember all his experiences while awake in our normal state of awareness, the Dreams and Past Life experiences as well. The Total Self views the world through Seeing. A way to perceive the world as pure energy. Human beings are also Seen as pure energy, but contained in a egg like cocoon. Most people simply look at the world around us. The Total Self actually Sees the world around them.

We are all the Total Self (an Enlightened Being) right now. But our bodies limit the way we view the world. If the Total Self was 100 % awareness, than our normal state of awareness must be about 10 % of the Total Self. This is due to the limitations of the body. The body filters out pure Seeing of the Total Self, and acts like wearing a dirty pair of eyeglasses. We see only what we are able to through these eyeglass. We are born as the 100 % Total Self, but are educated through our parents to see the world as we do now (about 10 %). The world of pure seeing is quite chaotic. It was necessary for our parents to limit the way we view the world for our survival.

To gain a more Enlightened state of awareness, we need to polish up the lens. That is the lens of these so called cosmic eyeglasses (our body). If we can increase our awareness from 10 % to 12%, we will see and understand the world a little clearer. Actually, as we get older. We increase our awareness through the experiences of live itself. If we could live to be 500 years old (Just like the old days !), we would gain our Enlightenment automatically. Since this is not currently possible, we need to use other means to boost our level of awareness.

I consider the quickest way to increase awareness is through Dreaming. This is because when we are Dreaming, we experience the world at a much accelerated rate. Sometimes the experiences of a week in our normal awareness can be experienced in one evening of Dreaming. Therefore, more memory of our experiences in the Here and Now (of Dreaming) are stored. Our awareness grows through experiences in our daily life as well as through Dreaming.

Dreaming generally occurs while we are sleeping. A Dreamer is a person who takes control of his/her Dreams without letting the Dream control the Dreamer. By using Will in Dreaming; it is possible to travel to distant places, modify the world we are Dreaming in to our specifications and meet other Dreamer's to discuss experiences with them. This is a good way to add to our overall memory.

When a person Dreams, they are Seeing the world through the eyes of the Dreaming Body. The Dreaming Body is really the Dreams of the Total Self. Remember, the Total Self is ourselves at 100 % Enlightenment (just like Rama !). If we have the necessary stored energy. It could be possible to go to sleep and enter a state of Dreaming. Then instead of waking up in our normal awareness, we can wake up into the Total Self. The is quite a feat. Imagine going to bed and waking up Enlightened !

One thing I find very interesting about the Dreaming Body, is that it continues Dreaming even though we are awake in our normal state of awareness. It keeps experiencing the Dream world while were experiencing our normal awareness. When I return to Dreaming the following evening, the Dreaming Self fills me in on what on the experiences I missed while awake.

Some Dreamer's can experience Dreaming simultaneously while being awake. This is similar to meditating while having your eyes are open. This can increase your energy and awareness greatly. However, don't do this while driving.

Polish up the lens a little and "See the world" Seeing is another way of polishing up the lens. The term Seeing differs from the term Looking. Generally, we look at the world and the people in it. We generally don't perceive the world in the Here and Now. We generally make assumptions based on similar experiences in the past. We get trapped in the constant analyisation our mind goes through trying to interpret the situation. This is called Looking. The Seer on the other hand sees in the Here and Now an assumes nothing. Each situation is different. Seeing takes a lot more effort and is probably the reason we analyze situations in our daily lives. Example: If a person picked up a small plant from the ground. He/she might notice it's color, texture and odor. Making assumptions to what species it might belong to. The Seer would see the plant and know all about the plant, it's history it's medicinal uses and might even hear the communications from the plant which might say to the seer. "Watch out for the looker who ripped my brother out of the ground !" The knowledge is felt by the seer as opposed to reasoned.

Seers see the world as pure energy. All things and people appear as pure luminous energy to the Seer. The following description about the way Seers view the world is a summary of several books by the author Carlos Castanada. Rama spoke on many occasions about Castenada's books. Here it is in a nut shell (or Luminous Egg).

The world (universe) is composed entirely of luminous filaments. There are virtually infinite amounts and varieties of the filaments. We as human beings are seen as a cocoon (a transparent shell) which contains one filament for each filament which exists outside of the cocoon. Literally millions of matching filaments are contained within our luminous shell. These filaments are in constant motion but stationary in relation to the luminous shell. The way we view the world is by focusing our awareness on one small area of our luminous shell. The area is called the Assemblage Point. This is where we assemble the world. What happens is that the assemblage point causes the filaments near it to stop motion and align themselves with the world outside the shell. Then, the aligned filaments can see the surrounding world in a manner we normally view it. If the assemblage point shifts to a new region by fever, drugs or even Dreaming. A whole new world appears visible. We view the world from a new perspective. We actually create the world we live in by the position of our assemblage point. Shifts in the assemblage points as mentioned above are usually temporary. We return to our normal position after the fever passes or the Dream ends. The world is again normal (our norm). Some peoples normal assemblage point position is different than ours. They see the world differently than us. Some of these people are classified as insane or geniuses by our society.

We expand our awareness by causing our assemblage point to move to various positions. In each of these positions a new world is created along with the corresponding memories of that region. As the assemblage point moves, a whole new set of filaments becomes aligned with the outside world. A new world appears before our eyes (or our being). Some highly Enlightened beings appear to the seers as a luminous egg which is glowing brighter than others around. This is because the assemblage point is a point of brightness in the luminous shell. When the assemblage point shifts to other regions and back again to the origin. We see the glow as wider or brighter. An Enlightened being such as Rama was able to shift the assemblage point so quickly that his whole shell glowed with tremendous light. Rama used to move his assemblage point to a nearby region and cause his audience and students to move their assemblage points to the same region. The result was a great experience with the old Master. Some Enlightened people have chosen to leave this earth in a ball of fire. Spontaneous Combustion. This occurs when the assemblage point moves so quickly across and within the luminous shell. The entire being glows beyond belief one last time and becomes one with eternity.

The Total Self is a person who is aware of the movements to all the regions. They can remember all the Hear and Now of those regions. The Total Self stores memories of not only the present incarnation, but it's entire history as a human and the beings prior to humanity. The Total Self is immortal. It continues and learns until it merges into overall existence. It's history contains the nearly infinite experiences of previous lives, including the portions we were unaware of back then. It's hard enough to remember all experiences of our present lives. But to try to remember our past memories is even tougher.

Rama once listed his past life incarnations in the form of a resume for a local seminar. He was aware of his Total Self. He remembered his past. In many of those lifetimes he acquired Enlightenment. Each time this happened he increased the total energy of the Soul (Total Self). The goal here is to gain Enlightenment as many times as possible along our destined path. Since were here for only a short period. We need to give the next life a boost. Also, if Total Enlightenment can be gained and Liberation achieved. Our Total Self splits. It continues with the bonus energy from the life just finished. And the life just finished, has now become a new entity in existence. It too evolves.

Memory is the key. If we can remember more of ourselves, we move closer to Enlightenment. Try to remember your Dreams. Remember your Meditations. Remember the Here and Now. Remember the Past. Move your awareness to all the regions of the. Luminous Cocoon. Bring that 10 % up to 100 %. This is the Goal. This is the Goal.

Michael C.




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