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I'm not sure what the purpose of this dream is or if it ultimately matters, but I woke up so revitalized that I thought I would share it.

There was a group of us a Rama's house. We were sitting around him in a half circle and he was asking us how our careers were progressing. Several people stood up to give testimonials about what they were doing, mostly in computer science and how grateful they were for all that Rama had taught them. He mentioned that there were several in the group who were making over $750,000 a year in consulting and it was possible for all of us.

He got up abruptly and ushered us downstairs. He said there was a tornado outside, but we would be safe in his basement. He then told us that for those of us looking for consulting cointracts, Florida (particularly Tampa) is a hot spot right now.

I was so happy to see him and know that he is still very much with us.







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