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Perfect Nothingness


Soon after I became a student of Rama my whole life began to change drastically.

I had been invited to a meditation in LA and was staying in a hotel. I felt overwhelmed by all the changes that were going on in my personal life and being all alone in my room, I began to cry. I cried until I fell asleep and had this dream.

I saw Rama sitting in a huge wooden chair, almost throne like. I was standing next to him, crying. He asked me, what was wrong? I told him that I didn't know who I was anymore or what was going to happen to me. “Come here G___”, he said and asked me to kneel down next to him. When I knelt down I remember my chin being even with the arm of the chair. As he turned around to look at me, I remember the light coming from his eyes was so bright that I had to put my hand up in front of my eyes just to be able to look at him. Then he asked me to kiss him on the forehead and suddenly I found myself standing in front of him. Again the light was so blinding that I had to close my eyes as I leaned over to kiss him. As I touched his forehead I found myself gliding through it. This is what I experienced:

I became perfect nothingness going into perfect nothingness. The part of me that had not yet, gone through Rama’s forehead, was experiencing overwhelming ecstasy, so much so, that I could hear myself moaning from it and had to observe this experience from a third self*. What the third self observed from the sidelines, was this tiny person gliding into Rama’s forehead.

Next thing I knew, I found myself standing next to Rama. Eager to experience the ecstasy again, I leaned over and kissed his cheek. Once again, I experienced overwhelming ecstasy, that had to be observed from the third self. This time the third self saw the dreaming self dissolving into Rama. It looked like I was melting all over him.

Again I found myself standing next to Rama, drunk with ecstasy, and eager to repeat this experience, I found myself kissing Rama’s cheek for the second time. Suddenly Rama took me by the shoulders and said, “Come on, pull yourself together!” ...............End

Lesson: I must store enough energy to have the power to go beyond the ecstasy.

Dear Rama, may sharing this dream remind us that we are all Perfect Nothingness.

*During dreaming my awareness will be experienced by different selves.
The first self - the self that's sleeping
The second self - the dreaming self
The third self - the observer
The fourth self - this self seems to be the doer, always popping in and out, making sure everything is in order and then zooms away to do other work.






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