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The Master's Garden


I was Dreaming one evening last November (1998). The Dream took place along a gently sloping white sand beach. Cliffs rose to my left. The cliffs were a familiar site, I recognized this place from the past. A trail appeared at the foot of the cliff. I followed the path. The trail was steep, but climbable. The view at the top was magnificent. I turned to see a wonderful garden and home. The house was constructed out of white marble. The architecture was drifting between Greek and Tibetan. There was a low semi-circle wall on the north side of the building. The garden was within.

I stepped over the garden wall and walked past the three unusual looking sculptures. A man dressed in white was standing just outside the building. His face was familiar. It was Rama ! He immediately started to speak to me. The conversation was about helping me in Dreaming. He showed me some devices (the sculptures) which could aid me in overcoming some fears I still have. These devices looked like catapults and faced west, north and east. They were designed to hurl the Dreamer's body into the unknown. I chose not to use the device (for now). I continued on my journey down the cliffs and southward along the beach.

I'm glad that Rama is well.
I was curious about life after death.
Rama is still here.
Life is eternal.

Michael C.


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