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Super Sharp, Powered-Up & Absolutely Sensational!

February 03, 2000

Around 4:30 am this morning I had a Dream Plane experience where Rama was coming up from the basement steps of my childhood home, up the back entrance steps, and into our kitchen. He looked very "spiffy" in black trousers, "Designer Chic" black, narrow shoes (which appeared to be a type of boot, as there were no laces), and a trench coat which was a beautiful pearlish white color (not the usual tan, as most of these type coats are). All his clothing was in brand-new mint condition.

His hair was newly cut short, sleek, and combed back on the sides in a very flattering style. There was a lot of gray (actually, more of a bright whitish platinum color) in his hair. It also seemed he was wearing a shirt and tie.

As he stepped into the kitchen I came up to hug him (something I have wanted to do ever since he switched planes), and I was pretty much able to get my left arm around him (well, actually more like "through" him), but he forcefully grabbed my right hand with his upheld left hand and said, "I don't always have..."

The implication was not that he didn't want to hug me, but that he doesn't always have "time" to do so. But as he always gives me ample "attention" and certainly has subsequently to this Dream, I decided he probably means he is "busy" now or "busier" that he has been, or that he is starting up some sort of new Project/Endeavor/Adventure.

In this Dream I tried to "bring in" my sister to meet him (to very limited success), and well as my sister-in-law Debbie, who was sitting on the couch in our living room. It became obvious to me at this point that this scenario took place in The Dream Plane, because the couch where Debbie was sitting is no longer located on the south side of that room. She slowly walked toward the kitchen but did not actually come in to "meet" Rama.

I partially woke up feeling very, very happy that I had made a degree of "physical-ish" contact in getting to (mostly) hug Rama, and that he was looking really, really great!

He exuded a "I've Got Places To Go & People To See" To The Max type of vibe!

While I was half awake, I had another continuing impression in this same Dream/Location/Scenario that Rama was then joined by a blondish long-haired "girlfriend", who seemed to "just appear" to the right side of him, as I was facing them. He was happy to see her--it seems they had been separated for a while. She was also dressed in a trench coat (her coat was light tan), and I had the impression that they hugged and acted as if they were going off to travel together on some sort of "Business-Type" Adventure. Then all the elements of this Dream dissolved.

Upon reflection, the main details of this Dream which left their most vivid impressions are: Rama's left and my right hand actually strongly "clasping", and that Rama was definitely looking so very Super Sharp, Powered-Up & Absolutely Sensational!



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