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Donut Theft

Here's a Rama dream I had a while back. I love to think of it because it reminds me of Rama's sense of humor.

I arrived late for a seminar going on in Switzerland. Rama was holding it in a large Chalet. It was lovely - dark mahogany wood, exposed beams, hardwood floor. The students were seated on the floor and every bit of space was taken up. Rama sat on a chair just aside the stairway. Just as I arrived, they broke for bit, and Rama went upstairs. I went over to his chair and touched the kind of blanket that was on it - he had had this somehow wrapped around him. When I touched it, I poignantly remembered how it was to have him in the physical.

Well, I guess that longing made me a bit bold, and I decided, "Heck, I'm going up those stairs. I'm tired of always staying down here." So up I went. (Incidentally, I now happened to have a box of donuts, which I really treasured, because for some reason they were the best donuts I had ever tasted.) What I found up there was a rather small room, with sets of church-like benches in rows on both the right and left side. I sat in the first row on the right and put my box of donuts beside me. One male student came in and sat behind me, so I gave him a donut and we shared a few happy moments. He commented on how great the donuts tasted. I totally agreed!

At the front of the room were two triangular windows, and you could look out at the most pristine mountain top view I have ever seen. I went into a very deep meditation looking out on that view. Suddenly my attention was pulled back to my chair, and I realized that Rama and some students had now filled the entire left side of the little room. Just at that moment, in front of us all, a Sherpa manifested - sort of like a movie happening, but it was real. He was losing grip of the heavy weight he was carrying. I jumped out of my seat to help him - with a niggling thought that I didn't want to leave Rama, but I gotta help this guy out! When I went into the Sherpa's world, I was fully in that world.

Oddly, the Sherpa remembered me. He recognized me as "that American Lady who gave him his chance when nobody else would help him." And then I remembered the past in that world! It was a Christmas Day, and I was in Tibet for some reason. I needed to find 3 Sherpas to help someone. I chose the three poorest men I could find, whom I thought really needed a chance at earning some money. These three men then went on to not only be accepted by the community, but also started their own business which became incredibly successful. After the incurrence of the memory, all three of the Sherpas whom I had known before were there with us. A kind of reunion!

Suddenly I was back in the seat in the little room with the spectacular view. I immediately looked for Rama and the other students, but they were all gone -- except for one young man. He said that Rama had asked him to stay behind to tell me that Rama had taken the donuts, and they were really great, thanks!

I was humorously ticked off, and laughed. Just like Rama to plan the perfect moment to steal a gal's donuts, you know? :-)

Rama dreams. Can't get enough of them. Now if only I could remember where I bought those donuts!




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