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In November, 1982, I was living in Santa Monica and looking for suitable employment. After much crying to the Supreme and Laksmi, I was offered a nice position with a good corporation in Santa Monica.

The dream is as follows:

I entered a classroom, much like the one the center used at UCSD. A tall, blond man escorted me to the front of the hall and had me sit in the middle of the front row, right in front of Rama. He was in his usual cross-legged position, right elbow on his right knee, his index finger curled around his chin. The lighting was subdued, one of the spots directly over him.

His gaze was riveting, his voice piercing and at the same time very compassionate as he said "Are you happy now?" I looked up and to my right into the face of the man who had escorted me. It was the face of my employer.




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