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Another Thunderbird

In real life, about two years ago, I had been searching for a Camry. I knew that I was going to purchase a Camry, absolutely. I looked at every dealership, and some private homes, but could not find that perfect car. Still, I knew that I would get a Camry.

I woke up with this absurd notion that I should look in the paper for domestic cars. The first car I circled in the classified section was a Thunderbird. When I circled the ad, I remembered last night's dream with Rama. He had suggested that I buy a Thunderbird.

I chuckled as I drove down to the local croissant shop. On the drive down I realized that I had no idea what a Thunderbird looked like, except for those old cool little 'birds' from the 1950s. You can probably guess the next line. Parked in front of the croissant shop was a Black Thunderbird. You guys understand, this is real time, not dream time, right?

So, I chuckled again as I made my decision to go take a look at the Thunderbird in the classified ad. I now drive that 1995 green Thunderbird. About a year after, again in real time, not dream time, I met Jenna. She studied with Rama in New York, and she and I decided to open the Dharma Center in Ocean Beach. Guess what kind of car she drives? Too simple, too easy. Of course, a 1995 Thunderbird, a silver bird!

I should mention that choosing the "bird" over the Camry saved me over 10K!

Fun, huh?


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