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A Fabulous Party


There were a bunch of people, I assume they are students of Rama. We were at a party, like a catered party. There was food everywhere, even more food than at the World Financial Center Rave party. There was just tons of fabulous food. I went to get some cookies and cakes and then realized I was on a diet. So I took some celery sticks instead.

Me and Schellie and Carrie were there. This was a really long dream. I didn’t wake up at all during the night.

I went off by myself and was walking around and I ran into Rama. He wasn’t suppose to show up at this party, so it was kind of weird that I saw him. I started talking to him. He was standing tall, and put one arm over the other, that way he does when he crosses them. Then he moved one hand up to his chin, rubbing his chin the way he does. We stood there talking for a really long time. I asked him if he would like something to drink and he said, “Sure”. I went to get something for us to drink. When I got to the table I didn’t want to drink diet soda because of the aspartame (I had seizures) and I didn’t want to have regular soda because I was on my diet. So I asked the man at the table if they had bottles of water. He said, "No" so I said, "OK" and when I turned around to walk back over to Rama he was gone.

I started to walk around and mingle and I saw Schellie. I said to her, “Hey Schellie, you’re never gonna believe who I just saw. I was just talking to Rama”. She said “Well you couldn’t have been talking to Rama, he isn’t here”. I said “But I did, I did”. We continued to walk. We were walking next to each other and I kind of noticed something to my right. I looked over my shoulder and I saw Rama. He was dressed the way I see him often in my dreams. He looked almost like a wizard. He looked oriental. He had on a long green gown. The most beautiful color green I have ever seen. It was long sleeved with these fabulous gold beads all over it. When I woke up in the morning I drew what he looked like in the gown and his face. He had a long beard and eyebrows. Schellie turned around and couldn’t believe it. She turned to me and said “Flowergirl, there’s Rama”. We stood there and continued talking to him.

I realized that even though he’s not here physically, he is here spiritually with us. Anyone who thinks he isn’t, is looking in the wrong place.

It was a really weird dream and I still am trying to remember what I was talking to him about earlier in the dream because I was there talking to him for a really long time.





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