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One More Time

July 1, 2000

The evening of July 1 was a night of unusually lucid dreaming for me. The culmination of the evening was a dream of Rama which was so filled with elements of the style he manifested while he was on this planet that it fully captured my awareness and I was easily able to remember it upon awakening.

I found myself sitting in a rather small room/theater (about the size of the Pacific Design Center meetings). Most of the seats were filled by students, but there were a number of empty seats. I remember thinking this was a bit odd, because the room was always filled to capacity.

Rama walked in front of the stage and climbed the stairs to the stage which were front and center. He had a briefcase with him - not the modern sharp edge black models, but a leather type with a top flap. I remember it clearly, because he was going through it page by page on his way up to the stage. When he sat down on the stage, he had extracted some papers from the briefcase and set it down.

He was silent for a bit, and then made it known to us that he was going to "Teach these teachings one more time." He was laughing, asking himself why he would ever want to do that, and couldn't come up with any good reason to teach the same teachings again. He was quite amused by the concept. He made a big point of letting us know that if we wanted to, we could stay, the cost would be $25.00. It was something he wanted to do for us. I somehow understood that he was repeating the Kalachakra Teachings.

Since I had been at the first Kalachakra Event, I wasn't sure that I should stay - I thought perhaps it might be more proper to give my seat to someone who wasn't there the first time. Rama then gave me one of those, "Come on, get off it" looks - and I realized that indeed there were a number of empty seats, so I decided to stay.

At the point of making my decision to stay, I remember sinking deeply into the chair, Rama glancing over at me with that excellent smile we all remember, and at that moment I entered a realm where I understood that this was a very real event, indeed.

Thanks Rama!





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