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In my dream, a few nights ago I was preparing a small meeting room for Rama. My friend and I pulled off the first night without glitches. The second night, in a slightly larger room, the audience was waiting for Rama to appear. A few people were talking loudly and I asked that they settle into a meditation. When I went outside I saw my friend who had helped me set up the room, and she said Rama was very upset. When I asked why she said he was upset because the women's bathrooms were too close to the stage. I approached Rama and explained to him the situation, and defended the location. He looked at me sternly and said, "This is for meditation, not giving birth." Next we walked around wall of the building that was closest to the stage area. The windows by the stage opened onto a lawn area, where there were booths and pedestrian traffic. Rama pointed out that there were too many people passing by, and he said something like, "I didn't give this a yen's chance in hell to work." The inference was that the meditation was off, clearly due to my lack of impeccibility. Dreaming with Rama is a gift that continues, and I find it encouraging to experience the hard task master. In real life, I am setting up Dharma Center with Jeanna in San Diego. This dream forced me to look at the impeccability factor closely, and shift again, into high gear. The power of dream teachings is awesome.



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