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My dreams are garbled tonight.
There are many people from my past and present intruding. Odd though, that these are all people that I have not been close to, and have barely effected my physical life. In the dream, though, I was not as strong as I would have liked. I made mistakes and had fear. image blazed itself on top of the dream...a burning, neon glow outline.

The dream underneath seemed unaware of this new development and continued in the background in a muted tone. The object on top etched itself with a hot, white light.

It was the image of a Thunderbird.
A glowing, burning bright outline of a Thunderbird symbol.

And, as silly as it sounds...I awoke right after the dream...and a plastic, glow-in-the-dark star (they are pasted to my ceiling) fell down and landed a few inches from my face (giggling).

At that moment, I knew with every ounce of my being, all that mattered was the Path.

L.S. (Nov98)




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