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Remember to Thank Eternity

In the Dream Place (circa 12/23/00) I was standing in a large auditorium/sports arena with a very high ceiling of overhead lights. I was one of perhaps 100 other spiritual seekers milling about in the center of the main floor. The majority of those gathered here were not connected with Rama. We were all in a state of quiet anticipation, and our conversations were low and infrequent.

The sense of location was a northeastern or even lower Canadian city, late in the morning on a chilly Saturday. It appears this was a hockey arena (even though we were all standing on wooden gym flooring), rented out for this special occasion.

I was facing the northwest when the large double doors in that corner of the arena were abruptly and forcibly flung open from the inner hall. In marched a procession of approximately two dozen spiritual teachers, walking three or four abreast, in a casual and non-regimented manner.

They were dressed alike in dark gray robes, which were floor length and long sleeved, with black trim around the cuffs and hem. They all appeared to be "spiritually equal". With the exception of Rama, all those I noticed were Oriental.

Rama was at the beginning of the procession--not leading it, just walking in the middle with three others. His hair was darker than usual. As they grandly swept before us, all of us immediately knelt down and prostrated before them. I assume they were going to walk into the exact center of the arena floor, but I never turned to look at them once I knelt down.

I was in the first group that prostrated. I saw Rama walk directly in front of me, and then, after I was face down on the floor, he passed my left side. I became nervous because, when he was that near to me, I could sense how truly powerful he is.

As the procession continued, he stepped out of the group and knelt down by my side. He softly spoke into my left ear for about 20-30 seconds. He was business-like in his vocal manner and was essentially "correcting the form" of my prostration. He was also "explaining" something to me. And he specifically reminded me to formally "Thank Eternity" at the end of each meditation. I never directly looked at him, but kept facing the floor.

Rama spoke long enough for me to really get a sense of the "importance" of what he was trying to convey through the "seriousness" of his tone. And he also talked long enough for me to think to myself , "Oh, he's saying so much to me in such a clear and distinct way. I'll easily be able to remember his exact words later on!"

Needless to say, I did not remember any of his exact words, despite their clarity at the time. The only thing I did remember (once I finally realized I had this Dream) was the reminder to Thank Eternity at the end of each meditation. This particular instruction was information I obviously needed to hear. Or, to be more accurate, to hear once again.

As I later thought more about this Dream, I was struck with the realization of how Rama is part of a hierarchy of other Spiritual Teachers & Benefactors & Leaders who transact on a global and universal scale.

Rama was consorting with his equals in this Dream, and he was certainly "in the company of The Holy" as a participant in what seemed to be a Grandiose Spiritual Convention/Convocation. Yet, he still took the time to stop and talk to me about a simple, yet highly important aspect of my meditation form and spiritual etiquette.

In other words, this Dream made me realize that, no matter how many demands he has on his Celestial Calendar, and no matter how spiritually elite may be the company of his Cosmic Cohorts, Rama will always take the opportunity, and most tellingly, the initiative to stop what he is doing and offer us his personal assistance and instruction.

M - A Student



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