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The Journey


As a kid, I often "traveled" out of the body. In 1962 or 63, when I was about 12 or 13, I suddenly became aware of being - as a little girl - in a sort of space craft. Standing in front of me were 3 old men (very old, from their physical appearances) and we all seemed to be familiar to each other. The space craft was traveling through galaxies, and it is the consciousness of an 'astrophysical' problem that got me aware. I was feeling the anxiety shared by all. There were no words exchanged but thoughts. We stood in front of a large curved sort of window, our view was deep and large, and contemplated the passage that we had to go through. The big difficulty of that moment was to be able to avoid the contradictory magnetic attractions of two planets. We could see them in front of us. One was slightly ahead of the other, on our left versus the other one. If not successful, ...

Shortly afterwards, we all sighed with relief, swiftly gone. (I still wonder who were the 3 men in this dream, if Rama was one of them, and if I met a second one).


Sometime in 1976 or 77 I came to paint this image: at the center is the head of a women in total bliss, representing the earth. On her forehead sits a man in meditation posture and playing the flute. Hovering above him and covering the top of the scene is a huge black & white sort of eagle. As long as the man plays, the bird stays, hovering on top of the whole. There is a sense of threat. Darkness could fall on earth. Behind all is a sunset or sunrise. I thought I could ask Rama about this and others, but.


During a meditation, Rama uplifted me to an incredible place, a dome of such incredible beauty that I have no words to describe it. There was no one. It had a large and deep ceiling, of such perfect architectural lines that this was pure BEAUTY and awe inspiring. Its structure made me think of the dome of St Peters in Rome, but with a very complicated and intricate structure, fully equipped with all kind of electronical components and commands. The beauty and the perfection of everything left me wordless. I couldn't even recognize or imagine what kind of material was used to build this dome. In fact, each single part of this complicated place seemed to be alive to sight and touch and I imagined or felt them as if each cell of each component was animated by highly enlightened beings. That is, this dome may be nothing but a huge computer totally alive and composed of an unknown number of beings, perfectly synchronized and harmonized!

For me, expressing this is a tribute to Rama. I'd be happy to share with you and let this be posted. Apologies for my English!

(ed: I have made some small corrections. Some spellings have been changed from 'Proper' English to American English :) ... Her English is far better then any second language I know. Thank you Evelyne for your contribution!)





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