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The Image: No image. Just simple gold leaf, covering the entire face of the card.

I'm meditating with Rama in a lecture hall at UCSD. I've been attending Lakshmi meetings in Los Angeles for about a month, but this is the first time I've ever driven down for one of the La Jolla meetings. Tonight's meditation is particularly powerful, so about halfway through I decide to open my eyes and see whether I can see some of the flash, the siddha powers other students have been talking about. So far, either I've seen nothing much out of the ordinary, or the phenomena I have seen have been so subtle and fleeting that I wrote them off as illusions.

I gaze at Rama as he meditates, and I still don't notice any flash, like levitating or disappearing. What I do notice is that the room seems to be growing brighter and brighter. At first I think it's someone playing with the rheostat, but when I check, the level of the ceiling lights hasn't changed.

But still, the room seems to be filled with golden light. Moment by moment it grows more intense. I seem to remember that the woman sitting next to me has on a red dress, but as I turn to look, it has turned golden. The green chalkboards have turned golden, the air has turned golden - the overall impression is that all the people and objects in the room have been carved from a gold ingot. As the light intensifies, there comes a point where there are no longer any distinctions or boundaries between the people and the objects in the room; there is only gold.

What seems to be happening is that as Rama meditates, he is emanating a particular banding of golden light so powerful that it overwhelms the other colors in the room, absorbing them into itself. I look down and try to see my own body and fail. All I can see is golden light.

I have a growing suspicion that this phenomenon is not simply visual - I close my eyes and try to feel my body. Nothing is there but golden light. Finally, I stop worrying about flash and just continue to meditate.



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