Planning For RealTime Event Response Management
By David Ash

About This Book

Rama spent many years focusing on computer science and especially artificial intelligence (AI). His view was that as Buddhist monks, we need to learn to function effectively in the world -- and learning about computers was very important in the technological age in which we live. He foresaw the rise of computers as a strong cultural phenomenon long before most people understood their power, and he encouraged his students to pursue careers in computer science. This helped his students to succeed materially, to develop strong energetic mind patterns, and to ground their spiritual lives. The spiritual must, in Rama's view, always be well grounded in the physical. Computer science was a big part of what provided that grounding in Rama's teaching career

Rama saw AI as the next step -- he saw that eventually the whole world is going to run on AI. Rama said that computers would achieve human level intelligence by the end of our current incarnation. He said that right now, AI is just operating at the theoretical level -- in the labs of MIT, CMU, Stanford, and other research centers -- but that he was making it his mission in life to bring AI out of the labs and into the real world. Shortly thereafter, I had a dream in which Rama said he would use this book, Planning for Real Time Event Response Management, to empower my career.

A couple of weeks later a publisher agreed to publish the book co-authored by myself and a long-time AI colleague from Stanford.

The book is about theoretical artificial intelligence -- it is a book about how to use the theory of AI to enable computer programs to make difficult decisions under the tough time constraints of the world we live in.

The next step -- what I am working on right now through my company Real Time Agents, Inc. -- is to take the ideas from this book and apply them to the real world. The ideas developed in this book can be applied to the fields of finance, aviation, robotics, medicine, web search, project management, and pretty much any other field of human endeavor. What we need to do now is to realize Rama's vision by doing it!

David Ash



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