The Last Incarnation
by Early Students of Rama

The Last Incarnation is a compilation of personal observations and insightful declarations of what it was like to be Rama's student in the early 80's. While at first the accounts strike one as rather astounding, the ease and continuity with which Rama's students at that time express unique and/or shared experiences of their time spent with their teacher inform the reader of the delicate and personal teacher/student relationships described herein.


"HIS BODY TURNED GOLD . . . . . . he began to shrink, then grow to tremendous heights. He raised his arms and a shower of energy rushed down onto us while lines of power pushed up through my spine. His body turned gold, then it turned into a doorway. It became an absence. I felt myself drawn into it and through it into other realities. I felt myself spinning, floating, turning in various directions, then expanding and contracting. Then, gradually, I found myself back on the beach in a peaceful, calm, yet very electric state. Rama then stood in front of each of us and meditated on us. I felt myself merge with him. The level of energy in my being began to rise in intensity -- I knew he was dissolving my human form. I felt that I had no boundaries. My mind was not able to conceive of myself as a fixed being in a solid body."

This book is currently out of print. From time to time it becomes available on the various book sites and auction venues on the web.


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