Road Trip Mind
By Uncle Tantra

Interview With The Author


True stories by a fictional author, Road Trip Mind is an extremely subjective, sometimes challenging, infuriatingly irreverent, and hopefully funny collection of one former Rama student's travels on the pathway to enlightenment.

Why did you decide to write a book?
I had nothing better to do that day.

No, really, because:
* Rama asked me to write it and I said Yes and even though he was dead I said Yes.
* I wanted to write a SEEKER'S tale, not Just Another Blissed-out Book About Another Perfect Teacher.
* In the aftermath of Rama's death many of his students seemed to be in a great deal of pain trying to deal with his loss; since I had left his study and thus dealt with that loss several years before they did, I thought maybe some of my insights might help; I was naive.
* I had nothing better to do that incarnation.

What did you learn by writing a book?
* That it's more difficult than you think it will be.
* That it's worth it.
* That you should not expect any positive response from the universe for writing it.
* That it's worth even the response you do get.

Do you have any suggestions to help others publish their books?
Nope. Thanks to the folks at Ramalila, I was able to give mine away for free.

How do you inspire yourself to write?
* By imagining that there is an audience out there somewhere who might benefit from reading it if you do an impeccable job with the writing.
* By, having gotten over the above as the raging egobabble it is, trying to do an impeccable job with the writing just for the fuck of it.

Do you have any funny stories about things that happened to you while you were writing the book?
In my case, because I wrote almost all of the stories in my book in one sitting, spontaneously, the "funny stories" are the stories themselves. If any humor and/or flow of consciousness is there for the reader, it was there for me as the writer.

Do you have anything you would like to add?
After all these years, I still want to know what was in the big pink box, man.


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