RAMA, American Buddha
A Compilation of Writings by Students of Rama

Interview With An Editor

Describe your process.

• Clearly establish the purpose and intent of the project first
• Compare all work done against that intent and if it falls short, redo it
• Stretch to do your real best
• Get help from others – have others review your work to provide reality checks to see if you are staying on course and provide constructive ideas
• Hassle the details (over and over and over)
• Don’t give up, you’ll get there

What did you learn?

There are periods where it seems like too much work and it’s taking a long time to finish. Don’t be put off from following your project all the way through. You’ll be surprised how rewarded you feel when you finish.

It was helpful for us to have more than one person involved with the project so that there was support and the added value of each person’s contribution. We found it to be an advantage to have people with different skills to contribute their strengths to different parts of the project. We also really appreciated having a mix of people and skills to keep the project upbeat and moving along.

Any Suggestions?

It is valuable to have an editor or another person read your material to check the grammar and punctuation. If you are open to it, you might ask another person you respect to read your work and make suggestions.


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