One Step

Happy summer! Yes, it really is a wonderful summer. I recently began working as an Instructional Aide in the local High School. I work in a variety of positions. I cannot teach in the literal sense, but I teach through listening. I may find myself in a classroom, a study hall, maybe just walking the halls, or even monitoring the lavatories. In each situation, I get the chance to talk to the students and what is even better - they talk to me! I enjoy what I do, no matter what it is.

I have heard some other IA's remark that the kids are rude and fail to cooperate. Well, then, they must have been rude to the kids for I have only had one confrontation in three months. Sometimes I feel myself getting frustrated, but no matter what frustrations try to erode my sense of worth, inside I remain vividly alive. If I begin to feel insecure, I know that no one can hand me a pink slip directed to my inner self. I once told my children, that if you think what you are doing isn't important, than you are not doing it right! This has always been my philosophy and makes each task rewarding.

I am still doing my home detailing business as I leave school each day at 2 p.m. I am usually back at my computer by 6 p.m. so I have time to do my web design work. (Yes, I recently completed a real live web page that is online! Of course, without my support system, it would still be "in the works"!)

After working on any updates and changes to the web site, I begin work on web content. After all, I am a Cybrarian. I love putting together information to be used on web sites. It still amazes me how much information is out there. I can honestly say, "I know a little about a lot!". I usually call it a day close to midnight feeling totally accomplished. What a wonderful feeling!

I am out of school for the summer, which leaves me with only three jobs, so I really feel like this is a vacation. To be honest, I am feeling a little lazy. I find work so thoroughly energizing.

Terrific news! We will be closing on our very own two family house the beginning of August. Hurray! It is actually going to be a three family home, as the woman on the first floor is elderly and has lived there many years. My very wise son asked my to consider the karma that will be created if we were to ask the woman to move. He is right! It would not be a kindness to ask someone to change where they have lived for so long. That is her space, her world.

I will be moving into the third floor, which although I haven't started to make mine physically, I have seen it in my mind's eye. It will be my world. Not large, but then the size of my space never has been important. Space is relative to privacy. My space. My privacy. Mine to do with as I please. I am so excited about moving. I have begun to pick up various things for my place. (Doesn't that sound wonderful? My place!) I recently came across a bolt of sheer fabric increasing in depth of colors from pale gold to bright orange. I plan to use this as a window covering in my meditation spot. Along with my prayer flags, tantric figures, images of Buddhas, I will have created a very special place, indeed. There is a good energy flow here that can only brighten my world.

Perhaps, I should feel a little bad at leaving where I am currently living, but I cannot. It is not mine and the privacy is nonexistent. My heart is lighter in the knowledge that not only will I be gaining privacy, but the people I currently share the house with, will also be reclaiming another part of their home.

I know there will be long days ahead of me to create a space just for myself, but I am looking forward to this with much excitement. We all need to have a goal and when we reach it, we need to set yet another one. Meeting challenges and completing them make us who we are. Every second presents an opportunity. By loving, being positive, smiling and believing - on a second-to-second basis, no matter what is happening externally or internally, you become superior to fate.

Perhaps, I will be just one step further along in my quest for enlightenment.


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