Armed with my resume and my sunny outlook, I began hunting for a new job.

Not, a career, just a job. I wasn't ready to start a new career just yet. I wanted to try out something different and see if we were a match.

They keep saying there are lots and lots of jobs out there. Well, there are. The reason they are out there is because no one wants them! I have already done the mundane jobs, tried the tech jobs, been a general worker, supervisor, office clerk, customer service rep and worked in computer related fields. So now you're asking yourself…."What does she want now?". That's the problem. I don't know.

A typical day in the woods

After waking I begin to forage around the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. What I find is coffee and a stale hard roll. Coffee will have to be enough.

I find myself pacing and going over where I will begin the hunt. I have decided not to stalk big game today, as I am not feeling up to par. (This hunting is most tiresome!) After meditating, I shower and begin to transform myself from an average person to a competent, exuberant, capable and stunning woman. (I am woman, hear me roar!) O.K. so today maybe I'm meowing.

I have read so many articles on how to dress, smell, act and present yourself that I'm not sure who I am when I am done with the "rules of safe and happy hunting". But if nothing else, I am persistent.

When I am satisfied that I have armed myself with the necessary equipment, I head for the car. I sometimes feel I should rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get over all the hurdles I must cross in a day! I begin my search at the state employment agency. I have found a very good source there who is very willing to help find what I seek. (How does she know when I don't?) After spending time in this forest, I am ready to seek out the "fair game" in the area.

I begin with the fax machine and start sending resumes across the state. When I have finished there, I approach the first of my targets. Not having applied for a job in some time, I am amazed at how many pages there are to an application. They include questions that must have been written by a total geek or a voyeur. If you take the time to answer their questions, they should take the time to answer yours. Right? No way! Everyone accepts the application and the resume, and says "Thank you". Now how would they feel if applicants came in, took their application and said "Thank you". This is how my day goes; I have yet to bag anything more than one interview.

I am not discouraged yet, just aggravated. If the animals are all in hiding, how will I bring home the bacon? I know there has got to be a "10 point buck" just waiting for me around the corner, so I will continue to rise early each day and resume the hunt.

Maybe, just maybe tomorrow, I will find him and we will speak.



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