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The Art of the Non-Poem
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On several occasions Rama gave us an assignment to create a Non-Poem and an accompanying photo that captured the spirit of the writing. He called them Non-Poems to remove the structure that people normally feel compelled to follow. A Non-poem does not need to conform to any expectations of poetry.

The Non-poem has an accompanying photo or graphic. The writing and the graphic complement each other in order to fully convey the artists intent. This is no different then a piece of art in a gallery where the artist provides a title that points to what the artist was focusing on. We also see this used in some advertising, where the graphic somehow catches the feeling that the company wants you to have about their product.

The Elegance of French Style....

In the case of our Non-Poems, the artists are attempting to convey some aspect of Zen Mind using the combination of words and graphics. And hopefully, in creating this art they've learned something about Zen Mind and had a little fun.

For more information on Non-Poems, please consult Road Trip Mind.


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