Well, it's been almost 8 months since I lost my job and even longer since my last article. After all, who am I to write about career success? Right now anyway. It has surely been a struggle, but not exactly in the way one might think.

The biggest obstacle to being unemployed in a depressed job market is the feelings of grief and despair one feels when they are suddenly disconnected from their passion. The part of one's career that gets them up in the morning, keeps them up at night and motivates a person to strive for excellence in everything they do. The focus then becomes your weak and aimless condition as an unemployed individual who is often times not in this position due to lack of talent or ability but usually economical, political or other circumstantial reasons. As you know, downsizing has become a cliché lately.

We are usually not taught how to react when we hit a wall of this magnitude. It is far beyond ego, dislike for unsolicited advice from family and friends, or financial concerns. How do we grow as individuals when the unimaginable happens? The answer, the way to push forward is by embracing one's passion. At first this seems like an anomaly. Now is not the best time to go to auto-racing camp, ski the Swiss Alps, or photograph Lemurs in Madagascar.

Last week I was vacationing in Maui where the aura is very clean and powerful. Through meditation, martial arts, working out, swimming with the fish and having fun with family and friends in this pristine spot I was able to come to know the deeper passion within.

We have an eternal component that is far more stable and exciting than the day to day fluctuations in weather, economics, sports or business. It is more substantial than career, prestige, finance or ego. By continuously accessing this powerful essence of our being we can ride the waves of eternity into the clear light of reality.

It's nice to smile again after all this time and I will bring this insight with me when I land that next great job!





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